In normal rendering of Drupal form fields, the field's "description" (i.e., its help text) gets placed below the form's input element, which is not necessarily the most useful place to place it. On textarea form fields that enable multiple input formats, for example, the field's help text gets placed below the text format selector and tips. This means that website users are unlikely to notice and read the help text.

A number of attempts have been made to come up with ways of theming Drupal form fields to reposition the description, but none of these approaches works consistently with all form elements. This module attempts to provide a more comprehensive, flexible and simpler-to-implement solution: a second help field that will appear directly below the form element's label.

The screenshots below illustrate how this "label help" text appears higher in a textarea form so it appears directly below the field's label.

Text area without this module

Text area after installing this module

This module does not alter the positioning of the standard "description" field, so it is actually possible to have two separate pieces of "help" text for each form field -- one that appears directly below the label, and another that appears below the input form as it does now. (In practice, of course, most form fields will not need both.)

This module has currently been tested and works with a number of form element types, including text, checkboxes, radio buttons and file fields. It is not guaranteed to work with every element type. If you try it and find a field type in which it does not work as expected, please file a ticket!

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