Screenshot of preset configuration
JW Player playback sample

Bring JW Player to Drupal.


  • A field formatter for to render files using JW Player.
  • Uses the HTML5 video version of the player, which is compatible with mobile devices. Flash only used if necessary!
  • Configuration for width, height, skin, auto-play and other player variables.
  • Player presets, allowing commonly used groups of settings to be saved together and re-used (similar to image styles in core).
  • Exportable presets via CTools, allowing for easy export using the Features module.
  • A theme_jw_player function for general use.
  • Uses Libraries module for the JW Library itself and any skins (drop skins into sites/all/libraries/jwplayer_skins).

This module is for Drupal 7 only (unless there is a volunteer to backport). To use JW Player in Drupal 6 try JW Player Module for Drupal.

Plugins are provided by separate modules. Available:

Under active development. Testing and feedback is appreciated and will help move the project towards a stable release.

Supporting organizations: 
D8 Port, Maintenance

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