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iTweak Links module screenshot

Many Drupal modules add their links to the so called "link" area that follows each node and each comment. Link area usually contains such items as "reply", "subscribe", "bookmark", etc. With many modules the links become crowded, cluttered and disorganized.

With iTweak Links you can beautify the links area. iTweak Links module can:

  • remove some links
  • reorder links
  • group selected links into drop-down submenus
  • change selected links text, title, class (optionally using tokens)
  • turn links into buttons (customized by user theme or using included iTweak Links CSS)

The module is currently in development stage. There is no configuration GUI yet. All settings are hard-coded in the module's code, though it is one PHP data structure that defines all transformations. Brave ones are encouraged to customize that structure to their needs. Others - see Roadmap for what are the ideas for the future and have patience, or sponsor further development.


This module has presets that work with the following modules:


  • Copy the module's directory to your modules directory
  • Activate the module


  • Module starts working once enabled
  • There are no configurable options (yet)

Development roadmap

  • Hooks for other modules to describe their own link styling
  • GUI to configure links without programming PHP
  • Few different CSS styles and configurable selector (though it can be done in custom theme CSS)

How can you get involved?

  • Jump in and offer to be a module developer and co-maintainer. It is not that hard.
  • Write a review for this module on
  • Help translate this module at
  • If you have an issue, a bug or a feature request, first search if there is an existing solution, or report it in the issue tracker
  • Contact the maintainer with any comments, questions, or for module customizations quote


Written by iva2k.
Originally proposed by iva2k in one of Advanced Forum issues.


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