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IP to Locale provides IP lookup and redirection services for Drupal sites.

Drupal 6.x

Drupal is set up fairly well for multilingual sites. However, it does make the assumption that each site version will be written in a different language. It is quite feasible however, that there be two versions of a site in the same language. For example, A site which has a UK version, and a version for the Republic of Ireland. Both sites are written in English, but the content varies for each. Drupal's multilingual features provide the perfect tools to allow 'translation' of content from one version of the site to another, but In a setup like this, it may also be desirable to automatically redirect users to a particular version of the site based on their IP address. Drupal's built in Language negotiation does not cater for this...

IP 2 Locale is able to redirect users to a specific site version based on the originating country of their IP address. It can use one or more IP lookup modules to translate the users IP address into a country code. Mappings can then be provided from country code to language code, and these mappings will be used to determine which version of the site to redirect to. Redirections can be configured to happen for the initial page request of a 'session' only (where 'session' is, a user coming from external site), or for every single page request.

IP to Locale currently supports IP to Country lookup by one or more the following modules:

* ip2cc
* ip2country
* geoip
* smart_ip

Drupal 7.x

IP to Locale for Drupal 7 is being designed to provide a single, unified interface that can work with many different IP lookup data sources.

Please note: As of ip2locale 7.x.x.x, provider files for these modules are no longer included with the main ip2locale module, and must be downloaded separately- please see the list of projects providing provider files below.

Data providers

The following modules work in conjunction with this project, largely to provide ip lookup information (you'll need at least one of these to make the module useful):

Extension modules

The following modules provide additional features and services for ip2locale:


IP to Locale is being developed by Tom Kirkpatrick (mrfelton) of SystemSeed. The author may be contacted for paid customisations of this module, Drupal consultation or other Drupal-related projects.

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