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A set of helper functions (aka CRUD) that make it easier to work with Drupal data structures by providing some wrapper functions. Include in your install profile to use them. was originally developed and maintained by Boris Mann of Bryght. There is now a rag tag band of developers including moshe, quicksketch, webchick, and dww who add a little more each time we build an install profile.

Please help by getting similar functions into core for Drupal 7. Please ask for co-maintainer status if you are also developing install profiles and would like to contribute.

NOTE: this is not really an "end user" module. You will need to be somewhat familiar with PHP at least to the level of cut and pasting functions to create install profiles. See the handbook for an overview of How to write an install profile.

As of July 2008, we've turned install profile API into an actual module, so you can depend on it in your install profiles. See In progress changes to Install Profile API for D6 for further discussion.

As of November 2008, dww backported many of these changes to a 5--2 branch which has a similar layout / functionality.

Unfortunately, the Profile Wizard component is deprecated and will not be further developed in this module. We hope to see work on such a wizard that depends on this project.

Further discussion on install profiles takes place in the Distribution profiles group.

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