This module makes it possible to display search results via AJAX.

If installed the module can use the Search Lucene API so you can search with wildcards / part of strings. Apache Solr is planned to be added as well.

I'm also planning to convert this module for use with Drupal 7.


I'm desperately looking for co-maintainers! My time is limited to work on this module, and that's a pity. There is so much more that can be done with this module. If you want to co-maintain let me know in a issue!


- Search
- Drupal 6 only - Jquery Update (use the version with jQuery 1.3.2 in it)
- Search Lucene API (if you want to search on part of a string)

This module only works right when the clean-urls are enabled!

For upgraders from the <= 6.x.3.5 version of this module to a higher or dev version

Be sure to check the permissions, this is now (march 26th 2010) added in this module. Without these permissions set the module won't work.

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