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Inline module allows users to display uploaded files and images inline, i.e. place links to files into a content using a simple [inline:filename.jpg] tag. The effect is a link to the file or the display of an image, depending on the file type.

Inline allows users to place an uploaded image or a file attachment anywhere in the content. During creation of a content, a user can simply enter the number or filename of the attachment that should be displayed inline. After submitting the content, the number is automatically converted to the corresponding filename.


  • Upload module (Drupal core)
  • optional: ImageCache for image scaling (note: ImageCache is no longer supported in Drupal 7).



  • 2.x: Development of Inline API, a generic framework to easily inline any kind of content from anywhere, consisting of plugins, widgets, buttons, etc. (From a high level view: A generic Image Assist module).

    Developers are encouraged to test and review. Read the battle plan for background information.


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