This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides an improved admin page, replacing /admin/content/node in Drupal core This screenshot provides a good feel for what it does.

As you enable modules that improved_admin knows about, you get enhanced admin features.

Views Bulk Operations

Views Bulk Operations is pretty much a requirement for this module to be worth anything.
With VBO, Improved Admin will work very similar to the VBO emulated admin view. Without it uses the table style plugin and bulk operations aren't possible.

OG Views

Organic Groups project contains a module called og_views that provides views integration.
When og_views in enabled, an exposed filter by group is displayed and a column that lists the groups
that nodes are posted to is displayed.

[Content Translation] - Core

When Locale and Content Translation are enabled, exposed filters for language selection and a
flag for whether or not translation is needed are shown.

Two new columns are displayed. The language column lists the language the content is posted under
and if content translation is supported, a link to translate the node to another language is
provided. The translation needed column displays the value of a flag on whether or not
translation is needed.


When pathauto is enabled along with VBO, a new action to bulk update URL aliases is provided.

Node Export

When node export is enabled along with VBO, a new action to bulk export nodes is provided.

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