Imagecache Effects


This module provides a suite of additional image effects that can be added to image styles. The image styles admin submodule also adds the 'duplicate', 'export' and 'import' actions to image styles administration.


Drupal 8

This module will be continued under a new name: Image Effects. This better reflects the D8 (and D7) terminology. Follow the porting progress on that project page. We also aim to integrate with other contrib effects providers to enlarge our base of maintainers and create a 1-stop experience for users.

Drupal 7

The current version is 7.x-1.8. In Drupal 7, basic image handling is part of core, so there is no dependency on ImageCache anymore, you just need to enable the image module. We are still in the process of updating naming and documentation to the new D7 terms (image styles and effects versus imagecache presets and actions).


  • Image module from Drupal core.

At least one of the toolkits:

Soft dependencies:

  • System stream wrapper. This module provides (among others) a module://, and theme:// stream wrapper that can be easy to use when specifying image or font resources. This module is required for image_effects_text_test.
  • Autorotate: Exif PHP extension.

Drupal 6

The D6 version requires the Imagecache module.
It integrates slightly with the image, imagefield, filefield, and upload modules - if available - to supply node data that can be used in the text overlay action.

Effects provided

  • Watermarking - a much requested addition that enables you to place any image anywhere over a source picture, with alpha transparency
  • Overlays - Add photo-corners etc to the image
  • Text overlay - add a short copyright notice to your image, using available system fonts
  • Color-shifting - Colorize images. Also invert.
  • Brighten/Darken
  • Alpha blending - turn an image into a transparent mask, and back into a flat image against another color
  • Canvas manipulation - add padding, either onto color or transparent backgrounds
  • Background (underlay) - Place your image onto another source background
  • File Format switcher - If you need tranparency in JPGs : make them PNG. If your PNG thumbnails are 30K each, save them as JPGs. (This is distributed as part of the color-actions submodule)
  • Rounded corners (transparent). With input from canaryMason, we can even set different radius for different corners, and round just one corner etc.
  • Aspect Switcher - lets you perform different actions or use different dimensions based on whether the image is 'landscape' or 'portrait'
  • Custom Actions - Execute your own PHP/GD code in the middle of an imagecache generation process. Requires some familiarity with imageAPI internals.
  • Posterize (new as of 7.x-1.4) - Reduce the image to a limited number of color levels per channel. This effect can be used to reduce file size on png images.
  • Scale / Resize by percent (new as of 7.x-1.5) - Scale or Resize an image by a percentage, whereas the core scale and resize effects only accept numeric values.
  • Adjust color levels (new as of 7.x-1.5) - Adjust the levels, per color or all colors. This can reduce contrast in an image.
  • Desaturate (retaining alpha) (new as of 7.x-1.5) - where the core desaturate effect removes any transparency, this effect retains transparency when desaturating an image.
  • Blur (new as of 7.x-1.6) - makes an image unsharp.
  • Interlace / Progressive effect (new as of 7.x-1.6) - can increase perceived performance (seems to load faster).
  • Remove animation effect (for Imagemagick, GD cannot handle animation at all) (new as of 7.x-1.8).

These functions, combined with the available scale, crop, and rotate functions already provided by Drupal core/imagecache make hundreds of image processing effects available.

Toolkit support

All effects provided by this module should work with the toolkit based on built-in GD. Support for the ImageMagick toolkit is catching up, but is still legging behind. Note for D7: do not use the ImageAPI module for ImageMagick support.



  • D6: 6.x-1.x version is no longer maintained.
  • D6: 6.x-2.x version is discontinued.
  • D7: 7.x-1.x is maintained, but not very actively. We do provide support and bug fixing, but will consider feature requests only when appropriate patches are posted.
  • D8: actively maintained under its new project name.

Help wanted

We have more ideas then time. So we are looking for contributors. How can you help:

  • Get through the issue queue and write patches or answer questions.
  • Implement your own effect and post it.
  • Write documentation for an effect.
  • Create tests or showcases for an effect.

You may contact us to discuss how you can help.

Other modules that provide image effects

  • Textimage - to add texts to images.
  • smartcrop - to zoom on the most "interesting" section of an image.
  • Scale9 - to slice and position graphic corner and border effects like picture frames onto images. *highly recommended*
  • imagecache_proportions offers a similar result to the imagecache_actions "Aspect Switcher", but does through using CCK Field rendering options.
  • Image Optimize can compress generated images to smaller filesizes than the GD toolkit natively does
  • ImageEffects offers a pixelate and mirror effect.
  • Filters Image Effect (FiltersIE) offers direct access to matrix-based image filters, so can be used to run blur, sharpen, and edge style effects

(You know of even other modules: please let us know.)


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This module is being developed and maintained with a free open source license of PhpStorm
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