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Filters Image Effect (FiltersIE) is a Drupal 7 module that add some filtering image effects to be used in your image styles.

It use the ImageAPI and the concrete effect implementation use the GD or ImageMagick library so it complete the existing core GD toolkit or the ImageMagick toolkit.


Currently there is:

  • A generic image filter that take for input a 3x3 kernel convolution matrix, an offset and a divisor. With it you can make a multitude of custom filter like blur, emboss, sharpen and others (take a look to the following page for more information on that subject:
  • A predefined image sharpening filter using convolution.
  • An other image sharpening filter that use the Unsharp masking (USM) technique (for GD library it's the same script found in the Drupal6 ImageAPI module and should be slower than the mentioned one above).
  • Perhaps more predefined to come.

Drupal 8

The code here was moved into the project Image Effects (see #2658364: Add "Convolution" and "Sharpen" image effects).

Project information