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Hypergraph (screenshot)

Integration of Java hyperbolic tree geometry visualization developed at
in a Drupal module (project page and download).

Don't get scared by the words and play with the demo (hold the left mouse button to pan the graph!) Hypergraph is not only beautiful, but also conceptually a very clever beast; enormously useful for site navigation.

This module aims to make full use the Hypergraph capabilities and provide visualization of menus, taxonomies, and content in general. In the current version, the Hypergraph module simply takes the menu tree of your choice and turns it into its visual equivalent.


• Configurable applet size.
• Configurable centre of display.
• Has both a default page ( /hypergraph ) and a block, for straightforward use, but any visualization can be entered into any page or custom block using a special tag.
• Depth-dependent label colouring.
• Possibility to choose from database (default) or file system caching (very fast!) (automatic removal of expired items implemented).
• Full tag syntax (for placing hypergraph visualizations in enabled content types): [hg|reserved|width|height|centernode]

Planned features

• Adding a hook to allow other modules use Hypergraph (e.g. to display network of users, transactions, logs, etc.)
• User friendlier configuration of the menu tree parent.
• Label, link, background colour/design configuration.
• Adding Freemind and other visualization metaphors into this module - 'hypergraph' will then basically mean any graphical representation of a complex information network.
• Other ideas? Submit a feature request.

Known bugs

• N/A

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Installation and configuration instructions, demonstration and other information about this module are here. If you use this module and find it useful, feel free to post a link to a Hypergraph visualization of yours in the comments area of that page.

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