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This module extends the backup functionality of Aegir. It adds a tab to the site content type. The tab shows the backups and enables per backup actions (Restore, Delete and Get).

Scheduling of backups
E.g. backup sites every hour, day or month. The module allows for the general settings to be applied to all sites, and per-site overrides to those settings, so that sites can opt-in or opt-out of backups as the site administrators wish.

Garbage collection
Specify how long Aegir should retain backups for. You can specify, for example, that after a month, only one backup a week should be kept. You can specify as many of these rules as you want, so you could keep hourly backups for a day, daily backups for two weeks and monthly backups thereafter.
Friendly warning: This option removes backups. Think before you click.


Some discussion about the Aegir 3 port is in #2022807: [meta] Improve backup system in Aegir


As of the 6.x-2.x version this module also includes:

Details: #1750130: Integrate two other backup modules

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