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Herald is a project/service for monitoring Drupal code quality.

You can see it in action here.

Herald exposes a flexible API for monitoring Drupal projects (mainly Drupal modules and themes), create builds (like reacting when code is pushed to a Git repo) and running tasks on that build (like checking code standards or running unit tests using Docker).

In a sense, Herald is a Drupal CI/QA system, powered by Drupal, and made for Drupal. It's heavily inspired by Aegir: using Drupal to do awesome stuff with Drupal.

Out of the box, it comes with a task runners for:

  • checking Drupal Coding Standards (using Coder Review)
  • checking CSS files using CSSLint (requires CSSLint to be installed on the server)
  • checking JS files using ESLint (requires ESLint to be installed on the server)
  • running Simpletests inside a Docker container (requires Docker to be installed on the server)

By default, the CSSLint and ESLint use the same lint rules as used for D8 core.

Out of the box, it also comes with the following build implementations:

  • private Git repos (using a simple webhook)
  • repos (using a Git pull on cron runs)

In time, we will create a specific theme for Herald, Tabard.


Official documentation is still in the works. Until then, you can read more about Herald and its inner workings here.

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