This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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This module allows Drupal users to leverage Haml ( as an input filter (or use the function haml_to_html in theme functions). As PHP can be evaluated from within the Haml filter it is not advised to allow untrusted roles to create content with it. If you're curious about Haml, visit the Haml lab to play.

The Haml module currently depends on the phpHaml project, which must be downloaded separately because it has an incompatible license. phpHaml RC1 has some issues so for best results download this Subversion snapshot or use Subversion yourself to check out the development version (see the INSTALL file included with this module).

phpHaml requires PHP 5 and implements a pre-V2 specification of HAML. In the future, support for other PHP Haml engines may be added. The home page for phpHaml is

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