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This module generates a GraphQL schema, largely based on the TypedData API.

You can access your Content Entity Types and some other related data types by querying single entities (e.g. through the ``node`` root call) or by fetching lists of entities via the Entity Query API (e.g. through the ``nodeQuery`` root call).

The Entity Query root calls enable the use of any queryable field or property as condition for the query. You can also limit the range of the returned entities through the "offset" and "limit" arguments.

Known Limitations

  • The Schema is not fully Relay compliant
  • Currently does not expose Config Entity Types
  • Mutations are currently not supported

Although the schema is not fully Relay compliant you can still use it with Relay. It just means that you won't be able to leverage the amazing Relay features for pagination or cursors, etc.


You need both this module and the associated PHP library. The best way currently is to do both at once by the following steps.

You need to register as a Composer repository in your local composer.json:

composer config repositories.drupal composer

Now you can install the module through composer (which will install all vendor dependencies as well):

composer require drupal/graphql 8.x-2.x-dev

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