This module lets you craft and expose a GraphQL schema for Drupal 8.

It is is built around As such, it supports the full official GraphQL specification with all its features.

You can use this module as a foundation for building your own schema through custom code or you can use and extend the generated schema using the plugin architecture of the contained sub-modules.

For ease of development, it includes the GraphiQL interface at /graphql/explorer.

Built-in generated schema

The modules directory contains a set of modules that help to automatically create a schema from Drupal data structures and components. By enabling these sub-modules you can expose much of the Drupal data graph without writing a single line of code.

Please refer to modules/ for more information.

Example implementation

Check out for a complete example of a fully decoupled React and GraphQL application. Feel free to use that repository as a starting point for your own decoupled application.


Please note that our documentation is outdated and in dire need of rewriting. This is due to the vast amount of improvements and additional features we've added to the module recently. As we are finishing up the 3.x version of this module we will be re-doing the documentation and record a series of screencasts.


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Contribution of work hours

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