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This module is an integration between the GMO Payment Gateway and Drupal commerce sites.

It allows Drupal Commerce or Ubercart to process payments using the GMO Payment Gateway.

Under developing on drupal 7.x

About GMO PG


  • Japan’s No. 1* Online Payment Service Provider & Industry Innovation Leader
  • Targeting YGR 20% $100 Billion E-Commerce Market & Government Payments
  • Business Model is “Stock and Transactions”—Sustainable and Stable Growth Expected

Which In Module


GMO Drupal SDK, core needed by the other 3 sub modules. It also serves as entry point for other drupal modules integration to GMO, implement based on GMO Payment Gateway SDK for PHP.

GMO User

User's CC info management on GMO.

GMO for Commerce

Provides CC payment method for Drupal Commerce.

GMO for Ubercart

Provides CC payment method for Ubercart.


Payment methods

GMO provide SaaS-type package service including various methods of payment such as credit-card, convenience store payment, electronic money, Paypal and others.

Ready for Drupal

  • クレジットカード決済

Coming soon!

  • コンビニ決済

In the future

  • 電子マネー決済
  • Pay-easy決済
  • Paypal決済
  • キャリア決済
  • じぶん銀行決済
  • プリベイド決済
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