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Screenshot of GMap Field showing a map with location.

This is a CCK based module that also depends on the GMap module. This module offers a field for a GMap Macro.

New Maintainers

Looking at the activity I had in the last year, I have had very little time to maintain this module. I don't see this changing anytime soon. If anyone is interested in helping to maintain this project, please contact me.

Current Features

  • Ability to add GMaps to a content type via a GMap Macro.
  • Ability to automatically add markers from Location(s) of the node. It also centers at first or primary point.
  • Ability to choose marker, either per node or a default marker.
  • Ability to disable macro input and use only a default.
  • Themeable marker labels.

In the Queue (??)

  • [1.0] Complete SimpleTests
  • [1.0] GMap Macro validation/santization.
  • [1.0] Views support. (Views will currently show map, but not points/markers.)
  • [1.1] Allow for other types of points besides Locations.
  • [2.0] (maybe) Add another widget type that will present the full GMap Macro Builder form.

Related Modules

There is a gmap_cck module in the GMap Addons module, but it is for D5 and is not that stable. I also don't think that a full GMap Macro Builder in a content form is that user-friendly.

The Location module also offers a block that displays the points of locations in a node.

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