Icon picker

Integrates Drupal with Font Awesome
the web's most popular icon set and toolkit.


  • Provides a widget with an icon picker for plain text fields
  • Adds a formatter for plain text fields that so they render as an icon

The module relies on the Libraries provider module
to be able to load the JS and SVG version of Font Awesome.


Once installed you can create plain text fields and configure their widgets
to show the Font Awesome icon picker.

Similarly you can configure the icon formatter for this fields.

Similar modules

Font Awesome icons

  • This module relies on fields to show icons so the library will only be loaded when is necessary.
  • The storage of this module is simple text fields so no new field type is defined or templates override.
  • The library handling options (CDN or local, minification, etc.) are offloaded to the Libraries Provider module.
  • The widget provided already implements the Font Awesome icon picker
  • The minimum supported version of Font Awesome is 5.8.0.
  • No Layering or power transforms supported here yet but classes can be added manually to the icon on the widget.
  • No partial loading of Font Awesome supported yet.
  • Ckeditor is not integrated in this module yet.


The project is open to improvements and new features
but also feel free to open any discussion about
how to promote and stabilize it further so more modules and themes
can rely on it.

Patches on drupal.org are accepted but merge requests on
gitlab are preferred.

Real time communication

You can join the #font-awesome
channel on drupalchat.me.


If you are looking for a way to add Font Awesome icons to your menus you can combine Font Awesome with the following modules:

It's all about leveraging the power of composability!

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