Flippy is an ultra-simple module that generates previous/next pagers for content types. On the Node type administration screen, you can turn Flippy on or off
for each content type. It'll generate a unique pager for each content type, so you can page through Articles or page through Blog posts, but you can't page
through all nodes on the site.

To change the position of the pager, visit the content type's Manage Display page, where fields and other fieldish things can be dragged about. Flippy's there, too.

If you turn on Flippy for a content type, but hide the pager in the Manage Display page, its links will still be available in the theme layer when it comes time to output node.tpl.php. If you like, you can weave the pager links right into the node manually in your own templates.

If you need more control over the contents and behavior of your pager, check out Custom Pagers.

Version 7.x-1.1 starts to use token to replace 'previous'/'next' label. Token module is required.

Thanks Hans for providing an introduction video in http://gogrow.org/tutorials/flippy.

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