This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Module to integrate with fitbit accounts.


* Allow your Drupal users to connect their Fitbit accounts
* Expose the Fitbit data of the connected users on your site via views. Create your own Fitbit leaderboard for your site!


Fitbit module must be installed via Composer, in order to get the required libraries. The tarballs are provided for informative purposes only.

1. Add the repository

composer config repositories.drupal composer

This allows composer to find Fitbit module and other Drupal modules.
2. Download Fitbit module

composer require "drupal/fitbit ~1.0"

This will download the latest release of Fitbit module.
Use 1.x-dev instead of ~2.0 to get the -dev release instead.
Use composer update drupal/fitbit --with-dependencies to update Fitbit module to a new release.

See Using Composer in a Drupal project for more information.


The Drupal 7 version of this module is no longer supported. The Drupal 8 module is in active development. To get involved, see the issue queue.

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