This modul is no longer supported. I have no time anymore to fix issues in my private time. Any requests for maintain will be welcome.

File Framework is a collection of modules which allow uploading, converting and displaying different media type files as Drupal nodes. It uses the distributed content-addressable storage (CAS) system Bitcache for a mass file storage and RDF for metadata storage.

Metadata is extracted from uploaded files using EXIF, getID3, pdfinfo and stored as Resource Description Framework (RDF).

A node of type file is created for each uploaded file. This gives a revision control and will integrate with views.

Each file is converted to number of other MIME formats using available open source converters. For example a MS Word file can be automatically converted to PDF, OpenDocument Text (using OpenOffice daemon / LibreOffice + JODConverter), Plain text (using catdoc), Flash video (using SWFTools), JPEG (using GhostScript) and Zip (using gzip). Converted (derived) files are saved in the Bitcache and their metadata is extracted and saved in the RDF along with the relation to the original file. All derived files are listed and can be downloaded.

If a file is a plain text or has a plain text derivative, it is indexed and can be searched based on content.

The framework provides number of viewers. A file can be previewed in various MIME types using derived files. Viewers are triggered via AHAH calls without page reloads.

Various restrictions based on uploaded file size, extension or disk quota can be configured.

The framework comes with the antivirus module which sends files to the ClamAV antivirus for scan.

Files can be attached to several nodes or comments. The file preview is loaded and displayed bellow the parent node. Already uploaded files can be attached to multiple nodes or comments which makes them reusable.

File gallery provides a taxonomy based file list with the previews in the jquery thickbox.

File browser displays files in a folder-file tree, where taxonomy terms are treated as folders.

File embed module allows selecting a file from the gallery and embedding into the node's content.

The file framework is integrated with a Views.

WebDAV batch file uploads are supported via the File Relations Server module.

APC (Alternative PHP Cache) based file upload progress meter is integrated with the file attachments and the file browser (apc.rfc1867 should be enabled in the php.ini).

This module requires PHP 5.2 or newer.

Extended installation how-tos can be found at:

This project is being supported/developed by Johannes Hahn.

Original Developed by OpenBand, an M.C. Dean, Inc. company.


  1. Close open Issues and Bugs to get a first stable version
  2. #1488710: remove required rdf module and integrate arc2/sparql third party
  3. improve performance file browser
  4. improve performance file gallery
  5. improve performance views
  6. migrate to d7
  7. make bitcache optional

Drupal 7.x-1.x

This version is under active development. Avoid using it on production websites.

Im looking for more maintainers. Please help

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