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Flickr parser for the Feeds module.

Adds an enhanced parser for Flickr feeds.

Requires installed in feeds module. See the feeds module README for installation instructions.

Currently only works with RSS feeds not Atom feeds. To have Flickr server up RSS feed simply add "&format=rss2" to the end of your feed URL.

Additional fields available to map:

  • media_width = Original photo width
  • media_height = Original photo height
  • media_title = Photo title
  • media_desc = Photo description
  • media_credit = Photo credit
  • media_category = Photo category
  • media_thumbnail_75x75 = Thumbnail URL, 75x75px
  • media_thumbnail_100 = Thumbnail URL, 100px on longest side
  • media_thumbnail_240 = Thumbnail URL, 240px on longest side
  • media_thumbnail_500 = Thumbnail URL, 500px on longest side
  • media_thumbnail_1024 = Thumbnail URL, 1024px on longest side


Stable but needs more testing.


This road map is only tentative and may change at any time.

1.0 stable release


Look into other possible feeds helpers would be useful. optional default mappings? optional default content type? others?

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