Note: Like boxes are meant to like a certain existing content that has a valid public URL, so the button may not work until the site is online. This means that the module might not work properly in your local environment

Rather than having to manually copy/paste the Like this on Facebook code for each piece of content you (or your users) create, this module will automatically add that code to the end of each chosen node type. You are able to add a Like button which likes a given URL (static, e.g. your homepage) or/and put a dynamic Like button on your page to like the page you are actually visiting.


  • Size, position, weight, verbiage, color scheme, font, language, etc., are all completely customizable by site administrators.
  • Administrators can also control which content type(s) the Facebook Like button will or won't appear on, as well as which role(s) are allowed to view the button (regardless of whether or not the user is logged into Facebook at the time).
  • Along with a like button appearing for each node (dynamic), there is an optional block that can be set to appear on each page whose linkage doesn't change (kind of like a universal, site-wide, Like-our-site-on-Facebook type of option to go alongside each individual node's Like-this-page-on-Facebook option).
  • By default, the button will only appear on a node's "full" page view. This option is also customizable, however, so that the button(s) will show up on teasers as well.
  • Users do not need to be granted any additional input format permissions to have the button added to their content.
    • For example, users with access to only Filtered HTML can still have the Facebook Like button added to their content.


  • "Access FB Like button" permission should be set to roles which will be able to like the contents

As of current, this module is not related to the Drupal for Facebook or the Facebook social plugins integration modules

We are currently looking for co-maintainers, especially for the Drupal 7 version

Supporting organizations: 
This project was ported to D8 by a Google Code-in 2014 student

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