This module adds a contextual link to the Entity Field panel pane which allows that field to be edited without having to visit the entity's edit page. This field editor will open in an overlay if overlay.module is enabled.

This only affects the entity pane for a single field.

A Trello board is being used to help coordinate development.

Security vulnerability in 7.x-1.0 and 7.x-1.1

There is a major security vulnerability in both 7.x-1.0 and 7.x-1.1, if you are using either release you must update to 7.x-1.2 otherwise any user can edit any field on any entity. See SA-CONTRIB-2014-048 for full details.

This module requires the CTools and Entity modules. It has a soft dependency on Contextual and Panels -- you can use it without them but you will have to provide the field edit links yourself.

This module was sponsored by iO1 and iVillage.

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Ongoing development sponsorship.

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