This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Fellowship One

This project provides integration between Drupal and the Fellowship One Church Management System (ChMS).

Fellowship One provides a Restful API. This module provides the ability for users to login to F1 and helper functions for developers who want write code against the F1 API. The goal is to add new pieces of functionality as individual modules alongside the ones provided here.

The Modules

There are 3 modules provided in the download. They are:

  • F1 - The base module everything else uses. It enables authentication against F1 and provides the helper functions for developers.
  • F1 Anonymous - In order for users to consume the F1 API they need OAuth tokens. This module provides for the ability to have an OAuth token set for users who don't have one. This should be set per role. Use with care.
  • F1 Example - A module showing example usage of how developers can use the helper functions to write calls to the F1 API.


There are two parts to the API provided by the F1 module.

  • For making calls against the F1 API. For more detail see the F1 Example module and the functions f1_consumer() and f1_access() in the F1 module
  • The module has Three pluggable components. For more detail on these see the API.txt file included in the F1 module.


There are several requirements to use this module.

Continued Development

This module has been built based on donations. If you'd like to see more features added or this module moved to release status please donate to the effort or start getting involved in the development.

If you'd like to give financial support contact Andrew or Rob. Or, you can use the chipin widget.

We are now accepting funding

The chipin widget is used for funding to implement the base roadmap and to move the module to release. The initial roadmap still includes the incomplete items:

  • A Drupal 7 version. This involves porting the module from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.
  • Login pages over SSL. This is for security so user/pass credentials are not sniffed.
  • F1 User Profile Integration to Drupal.
  • Moving the modules from Development to Release.

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