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Event Bookings integrates the Bookings API functionality with a date enabled node - aka "Event". Specifically, this module provides the following functionality:

  • Book resources directly from an Event - aka date enabled Nodes.
  • Allow either multiple or exclusive booking of resources.
  • Extends Views to allow joins of an "Event" with a booked resource
  • Provide "out of the box" calendar views of bookable resources
  • Provide ajax functionality that refreshes available resources when date values change on an Event edit page
  • Provide links to conflicting events.
  • Provide security permissions to allow/restrict users from booking resources.
  • Define Event Content Type to be an availability or booking.
  • Specifiy whether pending bookings show as conflicts
  • If you have rights, you can set the status of a booking from a Node edit screen
  • New views to show availabilities and booked resources for an event.
  • All day support

Installation & Setup

How does bookingsapi & eventbookings differ from Resource Conflict?

Resource Conflict queries the date field entries for a Node to locate conflicts. For a simple booking scenario, this works pretty well. However, bookingsapi & eventbookings offers additional functionality:

  • Proper repeat verification - Resource Conflict can verify that a booking doesn't violate an existing repeating event, but if a new repeating event is entered which causes a conflict, it will be unable to detect it. Bookingsapi is able to handle this use case.
  • Ability to define global or arbitrary sets of availabilties and unavailabilties for a bookable resource
  • Hierarchy of resources - that way you can book entire building or specific meeting rooms (not currently supported by eventbookings)
  • Bookings workflow - a booking can have a state such as "pending" or "finalized" - you can conditionally decide how "pending" states affect the booking conflicts
  • Triggers/Actions - to automate the workflow/approval process of a booking
  • All day support - define a booking start & stop time to be associated with an All day Event
  • Progressive enhancement of resource availabilities - instead of having to submit a form to find out if there is a conflict - eventbookings evaluates conflicts, via ajax, when the date/time is set on the edit form

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