This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is an API that takes care of general booking functionality, with arbitrary time granularity. Bookable resources can have default availability times set, and bookings with time conflicts are not permitted. Users with correct permissions may add repeating bookings or special availability times.
Depends on Date API (and its submodule "Date Repeat API"). This module provides an API, install it only if another module tells you so. Date API itself uses some features from PHP 5.2 - so you might have problems with earlier versions of PHP.

This module will undergo a major rewrite (using node-based resources instead of the currently used custom ones) - please feel free to state whatever wishes, ideas or needs you have!

The new release 6.x-3.x is unstable. but it should be better then 1.x.

If you like testing new software - feel free to test the DEV-Release. But be aware: ANY release of this might break all functionality or delete all your data. Anything might change in between two commits. In most cases it should work better then 1.x - but again: It's alpha and it WILL break sometimes. Please report back. I need bug-testers ;)
In addition: You have to install the required modules (see for an up-to-date list) prior to running update.php

At the moment I am aware of two modules using Bookings API:

Parallel to debugging 3.x I am working on a couple of sub-modules adding new functionality. They will be released after 3.x becomes stable.

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