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Example for a taxonomy term replacement.

This module provides a user interface to change the internal path/URI of entities. This is done by replacing path patterns with token values of the given entity.


  • path patterns configuration per entity type and bundle.
  • separate configuration of path, query string and fragment
  • cleanup functionality: space separator, upper and lower case transformation, pathauto cleanup
  • exportable configuration via CTools (and so also provides Features implementation)

All functionality that relies on calling entity_uri() for building the the internal path for the given entity, will work with the new pattern. For example this is implemented in the pathauto module.


One use case is, to provide different views for terms of different vocabularies, e.g.:

  • Vocabulary Tags: tags/[term:tid]
  • Vocabulary Genre: genre/[term:tid]


The configuration for the module is located on admin/config/content/entity_path. There entity_path settings for each entity and bundle can be set.


Please state issues for any problem, question or feature request you have. There definitively is some work necessary, e.g. for providing implemtnations for entities, that do not fully implement entity_uri().


The module originally was a proof of concept for Taxonomy Redirect and named "Taxonomy Path" in sandbox mode. The original idea was from the Taxonomy Redirect D7 Port Issue. As we now deal with Entities in Drupal 7 all over the place, the concept could get generalized and now should work for any entity properly implementing the API function entity_uri() for its path.

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