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Pattern Lab + Drupal 8

Component-driven prototyping tool using Pattern Lab v2 automated via Gulp/NPM. Also serves as a starterkit Drupal 8 theme.


Node (we recommend NVM)
Optional: Yarn


npm installor yarn install

(Drupal-specific installation)
  1. Download and enable Components module
  2. Enable Emulsify theme

Starting Pattern Lab and watch task

Start up watches and local server after compiling (runs all gulp required tasks):

npm start

Emulsify versus Pattern Lab Starter

Pattern Lab Starter and Emulsify share a lot in common (see Acknowledgements). Below is a breakdown of the two to aid in deciding which is best for your project.

Emulsify Pattern Lab Starter
SVG sprite support built-in
Icon font support built-in
Base theme ✔ (Stark)
Stock Drupal templates (from Stark)
Stock Components (see below)
Yeoman generator support Allows the user to generate a new component using `yo component`
[Faker]( support built-in PHP "dummy" content generator
Built in Components (all responsive)

Forms, tables, video, accordion, cards, breadcrumbs, tabs, pager, status messages, grid


General Orientation

See /docs/

For Designers (Prototyping)

See /docs/

For Drupal 8 Developers

See /docs/

Gulp Configuration

See /docs/


See /docs/

Development for Emulsify has moved to Github

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