Inspired by Monty Python's ominous foot. Created by Greg Blackman.

Empty paragraph killer is a filter module, helpful on sites which use WYSIWYG editors.

People often hit the return key twice at the end of a paragraph. Most, if not all site layouts manage the paragraph spacing, so the extra empty paragraphs created can detract from the look and feel of a site. This module filters out the empty paragraphs of all user-entered data on a site. It does so by following the fundamental Drupal way - non-destructively.

How does it work?

The key is this bit of regex:


The 7.x-1.x-dev branch currently uses:


as recommended by pjcdawkins to cope with Unicode. Do you have better regex code to offer? Let me know in the issue queue!


A WYSIWYG editor. If you are using Drupal without one, the "Line break converter" in core is sufficient enough and you will achieve little or no benefit in using this module.


Install as usual, see for further information.


  • Go to your input formats (/admin/settings/filters)
  • Click the configure link next to the desired input format
  • Click the checkbox next to 'Empty paragraph filter'

You may also need to increase the weight of this filter so that it is triggered after the HTML filter, Line break converter and HTML corrector if these filters are present (under the 'Rearrange' tab).


Logo inspired by Bronzino and Monty Python. Created by Greg Blackman.

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