Drush commands allowing languages to be added, switched, enabled, disabled, imported, exported and update prefix from the commandline. This module only provides drush commands, so you will see no functionality in the UI.


drush language-add <langcode>
Add and import a new language definition.
drush language-enable <langcode>
Enable an existing language.
drush language-disable <langcode>
Disable an enabled language.
drush language-default <langcode>
Assign an enabled language as default.
drush language-prefix <langcode> <prefix>
update language prefix
drush language-info
Print a list with enabled locale groups.
drush language-import <langcode> <path> [--groups=<text-group>,<text-group>] [--replace]
Import translations to one or more locale groups.
drush language-export <langcode> <path> [--groups=<text-group>,<text-group>] [--replace] [--sort] [--filter]
Export translations from one or more locale groups.
drush language-refresh [--replace]
Refresh translations from one or more locale groups.

Use $ drush <command> --help for more information.


  1. Issue #2477163 by freekvr, g.oechsler, nielsdefeyter: Add refresh strings command.
  2. Issue #2477181 by nielsdefeyter, lendude: Refactor module to eliminate translations interface inconsistencies
  1. Issue #2463107 by derhasi: Support for filter and sort export
  2. Issue #2476523 by nielsdefeyter: Test if group parameter is valid before importing
  3. Issue #2383223 by nielsdefeyter: export all text-group in separate po files
  1. Issue #2361607 by gurvan: Adding language-prefix command


  1. Add documentation, tests, and error messages to each function
  2. Port to Drupal 8 : https://www.drupal.org/node/2345493
  3. Write automated tests with phpunit
  4. Pass pareview.sh automated module review : http://pareview.sh/pareview/httpgitdrupalorgprojectdrushlanguagegit


Installation using Drush is as easy as:

drush dl drush_language


In order to use Drush Language Commands you'll need Drush and the core module Locale.

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