Distribution with an implementation of external component based rendering system for Drupal. Allows to integrate npm managed components to integrate with Drupal. Gives full control to external component to decide the layout and uses minimal theme template (just html and page templates).It is a working example of goals in #2702061: Unify & simplify render & theme system: component-based rendering (enables pattern library, style guides, interface previews, client-side re-rendering)


  • node version >= 4


Please refer


- Integrate with layout & Panels module.
- Provide sample component-content model.

Known problems

UI Patterns

UI Patterns module provides similar implementation and differs on:

  1. Components are defined explicitly in theme level.
  2. Deeply integrated with various Drupal elements (panels, field groups, views, Display Suite field templates, paragraphs)
Supporting organizations: 
provided development & components.
sponsored Wim Leers's time for the idea and initial implementation.

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