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DruCloud is a distribution of connecting Drupal and AWS, providing a set of module and configurations with tuned performance.

As freelance developer / agency / small-to-medium website owners, we found it is hard to understand & implement both Drupal and AWS soluton. While running a business, it is hard to depends on single server solutions only. So, we create drucloud project, providing a set of tools connect Drupal to Cloud.

We have following plans

DruCloud AWS -- Focus in configurations with AWS & Performance only
DruCloud Media -- Provide a set of architecture (in cloudformation) and DruCloud conf for running media website
DruCloud Speed -- Provide a set of AWS CloudFront conf (in cloudformation) and DruCloud conf to utilize CDN, not just static files

What is inside DruCloud AWS now
-- RestFul API, base auth user / node, able to work with
-- editor account (username: editor / password: drucloudnow)
-- Custom shortcut for editor
-- Custom permission for editor

DruCloud AWS TBD
-- Support memcache, consider to add ngx_http_memcached
-- Support AWS PHP SDK v2
-- Support SOLR
-- Support opcache
-- Support Redis
-- Support AmazonS3
-- Custom theme for DruCloud

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