BootDev is doing Website backend as a service. We deploy your website backend on your own AWS account.

We knows website development is very complicated, especially on backend development. And we also understand the market is hard to hire a good backend developer. We do Drupal for many years and we wish to provide a new technology to make the backend development more simple.

What we do
We separate the development to frontend and backend. We put everything on cloud. Release API with Drupal , take care all of the restful service, database, SEO, architecture, etc. We use our the experience on Drupal to deploy the website backend to your own AWS account. We provide our best practice for Drupal and AWS together to make a better and efficient website development environment.

Our member
Keith Yau
Jacky Chan
Kevin Tsang

Drupal contributions

Drupal Distribution maintained:
DruCloud AWS

Projects supported