Status message

INsReady Inc. (引锐信息科技有限公司) is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system and Android mobile platform.

Drupal contributions

Besides the contribution to core and many modules, engineers at INsReady also maintain the Chinese Simplified Translation on Also, once a year, INsReady organizes the largest Drupal community event in China --- DrupalCampChina; See more events at The engineers at INsReady totally have been rewarded 3 DrupalCon NA scholarships.

Projects supported

OAuth2 JWT SSO, Points, Social Auth WeChat, Commerce WeChat Pay, DrucloudAWS, RESTful Web Services Entity Embed , RESTful web services Views, Taxonomy Changed, Flag Service, Commerce Alipay, Android Cloud To Device Messaging, Paper, Barcode

Credited on 17 issues fixed in the past 3 months


INsReady provides private training on a wide range of Drupal topics including site building, theming, development, project management, and content architecture. Most trainings are provided in Chinese in China.