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D&D Character Generator on the Turn Watcher website


This module is used to run the D&D Character Generator created by Jesse Smith inside your Drupal installation (D6 only).See his website:

Note that this is for the table top game Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5 only.

Happy gaming!


You can test a demo here: Turn Watcher—D&D Character Generator.


The generator is written in Javascript. Once loaded, the user does not need access to your server anymore except to save the results in a file (feature that may be turned off.)


The module has a set of permissions: administer & view. Make sure you give 'view' permissions to your users!


The result is a new page on your site here: /dnd_character_generator (a link will appear in your Navigation menu)

The page displays Jesse's generator tweaked to fit a theme with a page of 500px or more in width. Thinner pages will break because the generator uses tables with a hard coded width.


Note: the original code is licensed under the GPL and thus can be made available on the Drupal website.

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