The Demo Framework highlights powerful features created by the Drupal community and is intended to be used as a starterkit for promoting enterprise-ready Drupal solutions.

What's in Demo Framework?

The Demo Framework (DF) is a distribution consisting of modules, themes and libraries. It uses modules from popular distributions like Spark, Commerce Kickstart and Panopoly. The project is packaged using Lightning Features and DF specific modules. The DF install profile serves as a base for creating Demo Scenarios in Drupal.

A full writeup detailing Demo Framework 7.x modules is in the documentation along with installation instructions and information on extending this distribution for your own demos.

Demo Framework Scenarios

Two example Demo Framework Scenarios are included with the install profile. Demo Framework Scenarios (DFS) can be packaged as a Features module or as standalone modules. They should remain self contained and extend Import migration classes to create content. Scenarios are the actual demos in DF and even come packaged with scripts via Advanced Help. Developers are encouraged to fork the example scenario to make their own unique DF scenario.

Read more about Scenarios for Demo Framework here.

Demo Themes

The Demo Framework core is packaged with both a Zurb Foundation subtheme and a Demonstratie subtheme as examples for its out of the box demos. It provides Ember for use as an administration theme.

Community Action Requested!

If you are interested in demos, helping out with the Demo Framework, need help creating Demo Scenarios or anything else, join our demo community at DF on G.D.O.

Quick Install

on Acquia Cloud Free


composer create-project acquia/df-project:^8.2.0@RC MYPROJECT --no-interaction


If you intend to do development with DF, you can download it via git and build with either Composer or Drush make. See the Version Control tab for more info on downloading via git. There is also extensive documentation for installing Demo Framework that we recommend reading before filing any bug reports or support requests.

Before installing Demo Framework 8.x-2.x via or after building it from scratch using Drush Make, you must download a small number of PHP libraries that cannot currently be packaged automatically due to limitations with both and Drush.

composer require "commerceguys/intl: ~0.7" "commerceguys/addressing: ~1.0" "commerceguys/zone: ~1.0" "embed/embed: ~2.2"

If you are using version control to deploy the Demo Framework to a server (such as Acquia Cloud), note that you must edit the file /profiles/df/.gitignore and remove the following lines:

# Contrib

# Libraries

If you do not do so, you will see an error in the installation referring to missing modules. This applies to both a new composer-built Demo Framework applications and installs using the provided tarball.


Because Demo Framework Scenarios are meant to be reset early and often, our distribution development does not lend itself to standard updates. If you are looking to update an existing Demo Framework install, we recommend re-installing completely and re-enabling your scenario.

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