Demonstration site's snapshot management page

Note: As of 2017-03-06, this project appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this project over, or you as the project maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #2853873: Demonstration Site appears to be unsupported.

This module allows you to take snapshots of your site. It turns a Drupal installation into a sandbox that you can use to:

  • Try out and test new modules, configuration, etc.
  • Set up a public demonstration site for a contributed module or theme.
  • Develop and test update and upgrade paths.

Whenever you need to reset your site to the state of a saved snapshot a click of your mouse will do so.

With cron enabled, a site can be automatically reset to a chosen snapshot in a definable interval.


  • See README.txt contained in the download.

Public demo sites

  • The bundled, optional Demo Reset module allows to setup a public demo site.
  • Foreigners can play in your sandbox.
  • Setup cron to automatically reset the site periodically.
  • D6 only: If your web host does not support a real crontab, you may use Poormanscron. (D7 has this built-in.)



  • Backup/archive of uploaded files and restore upon reset. To allow sandboxes for file related modules.
  • Journal module integration to show recent changes in snapshots.
  • Demo Reset security improvements to allow to demonstrate administrative functionalities more easily.


This project has been sponsored by

  • unleashed mind
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