Demonstration site's snapshot management page

This module allows you to take snapshots of your site. It turns a Drupal installation into a sandbox that you can use to:

  • Try out and test new modules, configuration, etc.
  • Set up a public demonstration site for a contributed module or theme.
  • Develop and test update and upgrade paths.

Whenever you need to reset your site to the state of a saved snapshot a click of your mouse will do so.

With cron enabled, a site can be automatically reset to a chosen snapshot in a definable interval.


  • See README.txt contained in the download.

Public demo sites

  • The bundled, optional Demo Reset module allows to setup a public demo site.
  • Foreigners can play in your sandbox.
  • Setup cron to automatically reset the site periodically.
  • D6 only: If your web host does not support a real crontab, you may use Poormanscron. (D7 has this built-in.)



  • Backup/archive of uploaded files and restore upon reset. To allow sandboxes for file related modules.
  • Journal module integration to show recent changes in snapshots.
  • Demo Reset security improvements to allow to demonstrate administrative functionalities more easily.


This project has been sponsored by

  • unleashed mind
    Specialized in consulting and development of Drupal powered sites, our services include installation, development, theming, customization, and hosting to get you started. Visit for more information.

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