Date iCal is your one-stop shop for iCal support in Drupal 7. It provides a plugin for Views to enable exporting your site's calendar as an iCal feed, and a plugin for Feeds to enable importing external iCal feeds into your site's calendar.

Any entity which contains a Date field can be utilized by Date iCal for import and export of iCal feeds.

Date iCal depends on the following modules and libraries:

  • Views 3.5+, Entity API, Date, and Libraries 2.0+ are required.
  • The iCalcreator library v2.20.2 is required. Please see the project documentation (linked in the Resources section of the sidebar) for installation instructions.
  • The Feeds module is optional. You'll only require it if you need to import iCal feeds from other sites.
  • PHP 5.3 is required by the iCalcreator library to properly handle timezone data.

To learn more about how to use Date iCal, please refer to the project documentation, which is linked from the Resources section in the right sidebar on this page.

Notes for users upgrading from Date iCal 2.x to 3.x

If your site currently uses Date iCal 2, and you wish to upgrade to Date iCal 3 (to gain the advantages of its re-written Feeds parser plugin, and any other new features), please be aware that you must run the Drupal database update script after upgrading Date iCal. If you do not, you'll see errors mentioning "Missing Feeds Plugin", but you must not fix those manually. If you do, you'll get even more subtle problems later.

For those who use Features to define your importers, please be sure to update those features after upgrading to Date iCal 3.x.


The newest official release of Feeds finally fixes the long-standing "imported dates are blank" bug. Date iCal 7.x-3.5 now requires Feeds 7.x-2.0-beta1 or later.

If you wish you import X-GOOGLE-CALENDAR properties, or other non-standard iCal fields, check out the date_ical.api.php file for documentation on how to implement the hook_date_ical_mapping_sources_alter hook. It will allow you to define custom mapping sources for any VEVENT field.


The version of the iCalcreator library that Date iCal requires is not compatible with PHP 7 by default. You'll need to apply this patch to the library to make it work.

Seeking New Maintainer

Date iCal is seeking a new maintainer. I will not be able to upgrade Date iCal to work in Drupal 8, as my code shop does not use it. If you'd like to take over maintainership of Date iCal, please post a comment to this issue.

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