This module converts CSV to configuration.
It is very useful when you need to create a large number of configurations.

** Since, its the first version, it only supports one level structure key/value pairs. **


The imported options will override the full configuration. There is no
support for merging with existing configurations.
Also, we have plans to support more complex structures, i.e. nested configurations.


Go to /admin/config/development/csv_to_config/import/upload and upload a CSV file.
Its advisable to export the CSV using quotes around values and comma as separator.
The first row must be the header.


Go to /admin/config/development/csv_to_config/import/upload and upload a the sample CSV
file found here

On the next page, you will see a table with the contents of the CSV and a text
box to provide the configuration name.

You can use replacement tokens to get the values from the table.
If you open sample.csv, there is a column that contains a key called site_machine_name
If you fill in Configuration name with:[machine_name]
The table will be processed and each column will be a configuration.

Press Next and the config will be imported. If you visit the Config Sync page you can see it

And the Menus page will show the changes imported

Lastly, you can export the configurations to yml, using drush cex

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