How to access the Manage Emails section
How the list of emails for a single form looks

This module provides a more versatile interface and functionality for managing emails that get sent from Drupal Core Contact submissions. It allows users with the new permission 'manage contact form emails' to add as many emails as desired, each with a different recipient or set of recipients (including the submitter of the form), each a different subject or message.

This module allows you to override (and replaces) the simple built in emails sent by the Contact module.
This module requires Contact Storage.

Notable features:

  • Multiple different emails can be sent per form
  • Each email can be sent to:
    • Multiple recipients
    • The submitter of the form
    • The value(s) of an email field on the form
    • The value(s) of an email field in a referenced entity of the form
  • Text formats can be used for emails (WYSIWYG)
  • Tokens can be used in emails (eg, have your email say "Dear John Smith..." when John Smith submits the form, including both the subject and body

Example use case

The website is for a larger organisation and you want one email saying thank you to the submitter of the form, one to the office administrator with some basic info, and one to the marketing manager with specific details about the form, this module would handle that.


To install this module, place it in your modules folder and enable it on the modules page.


There is nothing to configure. Enable the module and users with the required permission can find the new 'Manage Emails' section

How to use this module

Users with the 'manage contact form emails' will find a 'Manage emails' operation in the list of operations on the page containing the list of all contact forms. You can find that at `/admin/structure/contact`.

If the user does not have access that page, you can additionally add a link to `/admin/structure/contact/manage/email-settings` anywhere in your menu.


Contact emails are stored as content, not configuration.

Feedback on this module

Please add issues with feature requests as well as feedback on the existing functionality.

Supporting organisations

Initial and continued development and maintenance of this module is sponsored by Fat Beehive.

Supporting organizations: 
Fully sponsored initial and continued development and maintenance

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