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CommerceBox appears to be a solution which expedites matters when you are setting up and kick-starting your Drupal Commerce site.
As a CommerceBox team, we are elaborating this package to help developers speed up Drupal based Commerce solutions development as well as to provide customers with a flexible tool for setting up and tuning an Eshop.

This package features the latest Drupal version, and a range of additional modules like Panels, Views, Commerce, Commerce backoffice, Features etc. They are very widely used for site creation.

Apps and Theme

We are making the core of the package as concise as we can, yet, trying to keep it flexible via apps module employment. To the point, we have made the following additions: wishlist, status, payments systems, tax, shipping; and the customer will elect to whether have them implemented on their site or not.
The biggest thing is in that we have moved our theme over to apps. Consequently, the customer will have freedom to comfortably choose among the available themes (there's only one of theme and it's based on Omega at the moment, yet the whole range of them will be available soon).


The most common sources of install errors are lack of available PHP memory and/or low PHP maximum execution time. We recommend the following values:

memory_limit: 128M
max_execution_time: 120


You will definitely oblige us by visitintg our bug tracker to get a piece of pro advice or if you find as useful accessing to order extra custom modules or to have some programming duty relating to your site performed by us.

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