This is a contribution to Drupal Commerce. This module adds the possibility to send the order data to the Google Tag Manager service.


This module requires the GoogleTagManager module.


Just enable module and check if transactions are transferred to Google Analytics. You can debug it with Chrome extension Tag Assistant.



Rules implementation which let you control when to send the analytics code to google analytics. This is useful if you redirect the user to a different page than the default checkout complete page.

Difference from Commerce Google Analytics

If you want to implement Google Analytics or Universal Analytics using Google Tag Manager (ability to manage marketing scripts without touch from IT guy) and you have a Drupal Commerce site, you need this module to pass transactions into it.

Developed by Petr Parimucha (7.x-1.x) and thePanz (7.x-2.x).

Supporting organizations: 
Module development of 2.x branch

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