About this module

This module enables you to give decimal quantities when buying a product.

The Drupal Commerce module allows only integer number quantities to be bought. This can be a great pain if you are selling liquids, curtains, wires or time related services.

This module adds a checkbox to the Product type edit form to enable decimal quantities for that product type.

The module modifies the following forms to add decimal quantities for the products that have the above checkbox enabled:

  • Add to cart form
  • Admin order edit form
  • Shopping cart block and page
  • Any view that exposed the line item quantity field

Works with Commerce Stock 7.x-2.x to provide decimal stock control
Works with Format Number API module for localization of the number format.


1. Enable the module.
2. Go to the edit form of the product type you wish to enable decimal quantities for.
3. Check the checkbox 'Allow decimal quantities'.
4. Report the bugs you encounter in the issue queue.

Known Issues:

The module has an issue working with the Commerce kickstart 2 distribution see #1961364: Compatibility with Commerce Kickstart 2 for a solution.


Module developed & maintained by Guy Schneerson
Original module developed by czigor

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