This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Commerce Cart Link provides a new field formatter for Add to Cart fields attached to Commerce products and product displays.

By using a link instead of a form element such as a button, performance and caching can be improved, and instances where a store admin wants to provide a way for users to buy a product without invoking the full Form API may find cart links a better alternative.

This module is similar to other modules such as Rules Link Event but because this module utilizes CTools to create a link automatically (rather than arbitrarily) they are able to be protected with a token that is based on the user's session and the product ID.

Integrates with Commerce Ajax Add-to-Cart!


Commerce (naturally)


- Theme function for the links
- Allow a drupal_alter() before the link is constructed
- Ensure proper Views integration
- Ensure field settings are honored
- "Bundle" (Add all products) mode?

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