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Comment Notify is a lightweight tool to send notification e-mails to visitors about new, published comments on pages where they have commented. Comment Notify works for both registered and anonymous users.

Providing comment notifications for anonymous users is an important tool in bringing anonymous users back to your site, which helps convert anonymous users to registered users. Anonymous comment notification is a critical tool in building a blog comment community; all the major blogging platforms include this functionality.

Many other notification modules do not allow notifications for anonymous users but Comment Notify does. On the other hand, Comment Notify's goal of being lightweight means it is missing lots of features. Learn more about different notification modules.)


  • Mail registered and anonymous users about comment follow-ups
  • Allow users to unsubscribe from notifications on a specific post with a single click
  • Allow registered users to preset their follow-up setting in their profile
  • Users can choose to get notifications about all comments on a node or just replies to their comment
  • Registered authors can get notifications about comments on their nodes
  • Note: Since it only notifies you about published comments, this is not a solution to notify admins when they need to moderate comments on their site


There is documentation in both the handbook and in the INSTALL.txt file distributed with the module.

Project Roadmap

Comment Notify is under active development in the 7.x branch. Interest in the module intensified as Drupal project lead Dries Buytaert took an interest in Comment Notify. Read and follow the discussion about Dries' search for a notification module The module is also in use on Drupal Gardens.

Recommended Companion Modules

  • Queue Mail For better performance when submitting new comments.


  • Cristoph C. Cemper originally wrote this module based on inspiration from similar features in Movable Type and Wordpress.
  • Greg Knaddison is the current maintainer.
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