This module allows you to move comments and nodes around.

You can either

a) move comments below other comments on the same node
b) move comments to another node or comment
c) convert comments to a forum topic (or to any other node type)
d) convert nodes to comments with preserving data from the same field instances.

The children comments are always moving along with their parent entity.


Enable this module as usual. Go to /admin/structure/block page and move the 'Clipboard' block to a desire region, for example, 'Sidebar'. Optionally set the 'administer comments' permissions for your user if you are not the full admin.


You will see two additional links under each of nodes and comments on the site:

Click on the 'cut' link under the entities you want to move around. They will be added to the Clipboard block. You can delete any of them from the clipboard by clicking on the red crest icon.
Then select an entity where you want to paste all of the cutted entities and click on the 'paste' link under it. If you will click on the 'paste' link under the node itself, the clipboard will be pasted as comments in the first level of the node's comments hierarhy (nested comments will keep their thread positions under their parent comments)
If you will paste the clipboard under a comment, all cutted entities will become children comments to that comment (nested comments will keep their thread positions too).
All moved entities will be deleted from their previous places.
If you want to convert all cutted entities to nodes of some type, just select that type in the selectbox under the 'Clipboard' block. All entities will be converted to the nodes with the choosen node type. If the cutted comments had the same field instances as the destination node type, then the data from that fields will be moved along too.

Live demo

You can test the functionality of that module on our live demo site


This module has no dependencies.

Maintaining and further development

The current maintaining branch is 7.x-1.x. The 6.x version is not supported anymore.
I don't plan to further extend this module with a new functionality, I think the current 7.x stable release has all that we need. However, I will maintain the 7.x module if someone will have issues with the current functionality.
If you want to participate and extend the module or fix some bugs - wellcome to our issue queque, submit some patches, I will review and apply them. The most active participator may become a new maintainer of this module.

Remaining issues

All known issues were fixed. If you find some new issue, please, post it in the module's issue queque. Thank you.


The development of this module was not sponsored by anyone. It was created for the love of Drupal.

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