This module provides control and sending complaints to the comments. It will help you in fighting with spam in comments.


  • complaints will be sent by AJAX;
  • two modes of send complaints - simple link and popup with complaint form;
  • filter by content types;
  • notification by email about complaints;
  • supports views and rules;

Little additional info:

Author of comment can not complain about your own comment;
Each user can complain about a comment only once:

  • for authorized users, verifies the user ID;
  • for anonymous users, checked by IP-address.


About how to work with the hooks of the module is written in the readme.txt file

For developers:
Link to complaints about the comment will be added automatically, but you can render link for complaint programmatically:

print comment_abuse_get_link($link_text, $comment_id);

How to customize popup

Do not displayed a link to a complaint? The three main reasons:

  • No links will be displayed for comments (check if visible links to edit, delete).
  • You can not complain about your comments and a link to complain about a comment, you can only see on other people's comments.
  • Check permissions

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