The CMIS API project aims to provide a generic API for integrating with CMIS compliant Enterprise CMS (ECM) systems. This is a joint effort between Optaros, Acquia, and Alfresco.

What This Module Package Does

The CMIS API package of modules primarily provides an API for connecting to CMIS compliant systems to bi-directionally synchronize content between the CMIS ECM system and Drupal. In addition to the API, this package provides a range of basic functionality for creating, updating, browsing and searching content in the CMIS ECM system via the Drupal interface. The overall goal of the modules is to provide an easy-to-use, WCM front-end in Drupal for ECM systems that are often unfamiliar to web content managers.

While this module does provide interfaces and functionality out of the box, most developers doing advanced integrations will want to create custom modules that invoke the included API for custom authentication, sync, content type extension, etc.

What's Included

The CMIS Module Package includes the following modules:

  • cmis.module - CMIS client api
  • cmis_common.module - CMIS common client library implementation (library loader from 7.x-2.x)
  • cmis_browser.module - CMIS repository browser
  • cmis_query.module - Provides the ability to run CMIS 1.0 queries against the current CMIS repository.
  • cmis_sync.module - Allows synchronization between Drupal nodes and CMIS objects.
  • cmis_headerswing.module - Demo module that demonstrates using hook_cmis_service() to access the CMIS repository via header-based authentication such as Basic Auth or NTLM.
  • cmis_dev.module - Demo module that displays current CMIS repository's properties. Useful for basic connection testing.

Dependencies (7.x-2.x)

The 7.x-2.x branch no longer has the PHP CMIS Library included in the distribution, it's loaded using the Libraries API module, please download from Apache Chemistry

When to Use This Module

  • If your needs for managing structured and unstructured content go beyond Drupal's current file handling capabilities
  • If you need advanced workflow or security for managed documents that need to be exposed to the web or an intranet
  • If you already have a CMIS compliant document management system in place and need a way for web content managers to easily be able to add documents to sites


Getting Started with CMIS -
Alfresco -
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Public CMIS test server -

For detailed installation and configuration instructions, see the README.


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