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Charts and Graphs is an API for developers. It can easily be extended by third-party modules that want to add their own charting implementations. It does nothing by itself. It should only be installed if some other module requires it.

There are 2 main modules that use Charts and Graphs:

Implemented Libraries

Charts Graphs supports rendering graphs by different libraries.

  1. Flot - Powerful JavaScript graphing library. Module Page
  2. D3 - Modern JavaScript library that helps you bring data to life. Module Page
  3. Bluff - Beautiful Graphics in Javascript - MIT and GPL license Module Page
  4. Google Charts Module Page

Drupal 6 only

  1. amCharts - Commercial / Free with an ad link (untested on Drupal 7)
  2. Open Flash Chart 2 - LGPL license (untested on Drupal 7)


Detailed installation, configuration and development document is located at Charts and Graphs handbook page and at the Advanced Help pages distributed in the release file.

Please read the README/INSTALL files of the implementations since their installation may involve downloading third-party libraries. Drupal guidelines does not always allow packaging those with Drupal code.


The following roadmap is being pursued:

  • Drupal 6
    • low maintenance.
  • Drupal 7.x.1.x
    • Stopped maintenance but still contains all modules
  • Drupal 7.x.2.x
    • Does not contain graphing libraries anymore
    • Stable release
  • Drupal 7.x.3.x


The Drupal 7 version is sponsored by UNICEF Uganda for the Devtrac Project.
Bluff library initial integration contributed by Picktek LLC.
rsevero's co-maintainership is sponsored by Fábrica de Ideias.

Supporting organizations: 
initially sponsored this module
maintains this module

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